Community Groups


Valor is a real community. Our desire is to experience this community together through our Thursday night Valor meetings. However, our Community Groups create a smaller version of the Valor community where you can know and live life in a more personal way. Not only that, but Community Groups provide the perfect setting to dig deeper into your understanding of God’s Word. If you’ve been to the weekly large group meeting and you’re looking to get more involved in the Valor community, becoming a part of a Community Group is the next step.

Women’s Community Groups

Freshmen: Tuesdays, Owens Dinning Hall at 1730

Grace Kim:

Skyler Powell:

Upperclassmen: Tuesdays, Drillfield at 1900

Kyrsten Dallanegra


Men’s Community Groups

Freshmen Group 1: Wednesdays, Owens Dinning Hall at 1730

Austin Askew:

Matt Hyland:

Freshmen Group 2: Wednesdays, Shanks at 1900

Gray Barker:

Sam Riddle:

Upperclassmen Group 1: Mondays at 1800

Caleb Kerr:

Scott Milvain:

Upperclassmen Group 2: Mondays, Bradley Study Center at 1900

Ben Hughes

Nathan Bolha: